Great food cooked with fire!

Accessible, inclusive, authentic, produce focused, family friendly; all some of the terms thrown around as we tried to find the right terminology to describe the menu at Ember Pizza.

‘a relaxed and inclusive, quality but accessible dining proposition with a focus on local produce and fire-driven cooking’ – probably sums it up best, but in simple terms just great food cooked with fire!

With an unmissable 2.8-tonne hand made Italian Wood Fired Pizza oven sat in the corner of the restaurant, great pizza is obviously a huge part of what we do. What is not so obvious is the smoker tucked outside the back door to the kitchen or the cast iron grill installed under the huge range hood in the kitchen itself. These are all important tools that enable us to deliver the Ember Menu.

We have cured and smoked local Gumshire Pork Loin to deliver a soft, slightly sweet and smokey piece of Charcuterie. Lightly Smoked Kingfish fillets will delight seafood and even the toughest of non-seafood lovers. Hutton Vale Lamb Loin, Eggplant, Zucchini, and in-house sourdough are all turned into something wonderful after spending a bit of time on the grill. These are just a glimpse of the items that are not ‘pizza’.

The pizza oven itself runs at a temperature between 300 and 400’C, but before it sees any sort of dough its first job most days is to roast whole heads of cauliflower to a delicious blackened char for what is turning out to be a very popular dish.

Our sourdough pizza bases ferment for 48 hours before being hand rolled, topped and cooked with the very best of ingredients. Now there is always a time and place for a good meat lovers but you will not find one on the Ember menu! Ember pizzas are about delicious ingredients and a focus on quality rather than quantity. If you want something a bit extra on top, you can brave our fermented chili oil – a firm staff favourite!

Of course, the best way to check out our menu is to come on in and give it try! We can’t wait to share it with you.